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Trevor Hoyt

Associate Head Coach & Head Strength Coach

Senior I, Senior II & Paseo F.I.T.

Hometown: Yucaipa, CA
Favorite Events: 50, 100, 200 Breaststroke and 100 IM

My Story

Trevor Hoyt, an Associate Head Coach and Head Strength Coach, emerges as a prominent figure in the swimming realm, renowned for his mastery in breaststroke and individual medley events. With roots extending from the Yucaipa Swim Team to UC Berkeley, Hoyt's journey encompasses both athlete and coach roles, enriching his perspective with a wealth of experience.

Hoyt's coaching prowess is underscored by a string of accomplishments, including titles such as the 2021 WAG 100 Breast Champion and triumph at the 2022 Summer Age Group Championship in the 50 Free. Moreover, he takes pride in his team's remarkable record of zero overuse injuries, a testament to his unwavering commitment to athlete well-being.

Central to Hoyt's coaching philosophy is the holistic development of athletes. He prioritizes fostering strong relationships, refining technique, and nurturing both speed and endurance, all while ensuring that athletes find joy in their training. His ultimate aim is to empower athletes to unlock their full potential and realize their aspirations.

As a leader, Hoyt champions inclusivity and cultivates a culture of open communication and collaboration. He prioritizes understanding and addressing the individual needs of each athlete, ensuring that they feel supported and valued throughout their journey.

Beyond the pool, Hoyt is deeply engaged in his community, actively contributing to local governance and community organizations. His dedication extends to promoting collective well-being and growth beyond the confines of swimming.

In his personal life, Hoyt finds inspiration and relaxation in the realms of science fiction and fantasy. He draws parallels between the wisdom of his favorite quotes, such as "May the force be with you, always," and his coaching philosophy, infusing his approach with elements of resilience and imagination.


Trevor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Cal and boasts certifications as an FMS Certified Professional and Surge Dryland Certified Professional, alongside ASCA Level 2 certification.


Contact Trevor with Seniors I + II Team and PaseoF.I.T. related questions. Private lessons by appointment.


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