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Jay Wolf

President and Co-Founder

Business Operations & Human Resources

Hometown: Amherst, MA
Favorite Event: 50 Free

My Story

Jay Wolf, together with co-founder Chris Dahowski, established the Paseo Aquatics Swim Team in 2012, laying its foundation back in 2010 at The Paseo Club. With Jay's blend of marketing and sports management expertise, the club blossomed into one of Southern California's premier USA-Swimming Sanctioned clubs. 

In his earlier days, Jay showcased his athletic prowess in tennis at the Junior National level before transitioning to football, where he excelled as a semi-pro quarterback for several years. However, his journey took an artistic turn as he spent 25 years as a screenwriter, leaving his mark on both feature films and television. 

Utilizing his creative talents, Jay ventured into the realm of Sports Nutrition marketing before finding his niche in competitive swimming. His entry into the swimming world was sparked by his daughter Julia's passion for the water in 2007. Seeking guidance for Julia led Jay to cross paths with Coach Chris in 2010, igniting a journey that culminated in the establishment of Paseo Aquatics and Julia's qualification for the 2017 World Trials. 

Raised in the northeast, Jay lived in Valencia for many years. In 2021, Jay accepted a teaching position at the University of Miami and now resides full-time in Miami, Fla. with his wife, Kelly.


Please contact Jay about Paseo Aquatics business, human resources and operations related questions.


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