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Konrad 3

Konrad Antoniuk

Middle School Age Group Coach

Champs III & Challenge III

Hometown: Santa Clarita, California

Favorite Event: 100 Fly

My Story

Konrad Antoniuk's journey in swimming has been one of both athletic achievement and coaching excellence. From his early days in Hart High School to his collegiate career at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo, Antoniuk has always been driven by his love for the sport.


Growing up in Santa Clarita, Antoniuk found solace and passion in the waters of local pools, where he honed his skills and nurtured his competitive spirit. His dedication and talent led him to become a standout athlete, earning recognition as a four-time high school All-American.


Antoniuk's competitive journey reached its peak when he qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials, a testament to his unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence. His contributions to a record-breaking relay team in Southern California Swimming further solidified his legacy as one of the region's most accomplished swimmers.


Transitioning from athlete to coach, Antoniuk returned to his roots, joining Paseo Aquatics in 2019. Drawing upon his extensive experience and deep understanding of the sport, he now guides the next generation of swimmers with passion and dedication.


As a coach, Antoniuk brings a unique blend of technical expertise and innovative coaching methods to his role. With a background in electrical engineering from Cal Poly, he applies a data-driven approach to training, focusing on consistency, speed, and technique refinement.


Antoniuk's coaching philosophy centers on more than just swimming; it's about empowering athletes to become the best versions of themselves both in and out of the water. He fosters a culture of trust, communication, and hustle, instilling values that transcend the pool deck and resonate throughout the entire community.


Antoniuk is the founder of wearable tech company Morphwear and deeply invested in his hometown community, having organized SCV Startup Weekends to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. Outside of swimming, he enjoys immersing himself in electronic music, attending music festivals, and participating in club sports like ultimate frisbee and rugby.


Contact Konrad with questions related to Champs III or Development III. Private lessons by appointment.

Please send an email.

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