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F.unctional  I.ntelligent  T.argeted

Paseo’s SwimF.I.T. program, is tailor-made for youth athletes aged 12 to 18 looking to excel in middle school,

high school, or summer league swimming, or simply aiming to stay active and cross-train for other sports.

It's also a great fit for athletes looking for low-impact cardio during injury recovery.


High School Prep

Looking to make a splash in high school swimming? Dive into Paseo’s SwimF.I.T. practice group, tailored for swimmers aged 12 and up eager to excel in the sport while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

SwimF.I.T. is the perfect preparation for the high school varsity season. Led by experienced Paseo coaches, structured practices emphasize stroke refinement, turn technique, and conditioning. Participants should have proficiency in all four strokes and some prior summer league or year-round swim experience.

Injury Recovery

Dive into recovery and peak performance with SwimF.I.T.! Our aquatic fitness program offers the perfect blend of low-impact exercise and therapeutic benefits, making it an ideal choice for athletes on the mend. With the buoyancy of water minimizing strain on joints, SwimF.I.T. provides a gentle yet effective environment for rehabilitation.


Experience increased mobility, reduced inflammation, and improved circulation as you work towards recovery. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, SwimF.I.T. offers a supportive and rejuvenating space to rebuild strength and endurance. Join us and make waves towards your wellness goals today!


Join the Club

Come experience the Paseo difference for yourself. 

Try-outs are held at The Paseo Club.

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